Seek out and disable misbehaving toolbars andother add-ons

Browser add-ons can add great new features to your browser but they can also introduce performance issues if they’re poorly written. Slowdowns in Internet Explorer 8 are very often caused by toolbars and add-ons–especially when you open a new browser window or tab.

Check your computer for malware and spyware

If Internet Explorer 8 behaves strangely, crashes, or visits unwanted websites, it’s possible that there is malicious software installed on your computer. You should ensure that you have a trusted anti-virus program installed that actively checks your computer for malicious software like viruses, malware, and trojans.

Verify your Restricted Sites list

If Internet Explorer 8 takes abnormally long to load a webpage, it may be because you have a large number of sites listed in your Restricted or Trusted sites zone. Download this document to learn how to manage your Restricted sites.

Keep your computer software up to date

It’s important to keep your add-ons and plug-ins up to date as older software may result in browser crashes or hangs. If you have third-party toolbars and extensions installed, please visit their home pages to make sure you have updated to the latest version. You should also ensure that your computer has all the security updates available at Microsoft Update.

Reset Internet Explorer 8

Resetting Internet Explorer 8 can lessen troubling performance and stability issues. Visit this site to get software that will automatically reset Internet Explorer 8

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