The following operator types are available in PHP:

Type Description
Arithmetic Perform common arithmetical operations, such as addition and subtraction
Assignment Assign values to variables
Bitwise Perform operations on individual bits in an integer
Comparison Compare values in a Boolean fashion (true or false is returned)
Error Control Affect error handling (several new ones in PHP5)
Execution Cause execution of commands as though they were shell commands
Incrementing/Decrementing Increment or decrement a variable
Logical Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT that can be used to include or exclude (more on this in Chapter 4)
String Concatenates (joins together) strings
Array Perform operations (such as append or split) on arrays

An exhaustive list and reference for each operator aren’t provided here because that information is easily available online at (just go to the site, click documentation, and you’ll find operators listed in the table of contents). When an operator is used in this book, though, some of its peculiarities are discussed.

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