Cuba this week launched its own collaborative encyclopedia, Écuras, which today includes some 19 200 articles with the purposes of creating and socializing academic content.

The Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, which have about 600 stores around the country to the teaching of new technologies, today made the official presentation of the portal in the direction

Those interested in making your contribution can access the web page of the encyclopedia to create the article on the subject they wish, or modify other improved or considered orphaned by the lack of reliable sources.

History of Cuban personalities and locations, and geographical locations in the Caribbean country are among the most popular categories Écuras pages, which also includes issues of scientific peer-supported Cuban journals.

The virtual library network and describes itself as Cuban solidarity, seeking his projection and universal participation approach to decolonization and a nonprofit.

Also offers its employees and moderators digital academic documents organized into three classifications of open access: scientific articles, academic books and bibliographies.

So far, among the books is only a selection of publications of the University Press of Cuba, but other publishers are expected to begin to socialize their content in digital format.

The site offers options for reporting acts of vandalism in the published articles and notes the responsibility of the users in the publication of new content or modify existing ones.

Also realize that the letters will not be signed to be recognized as community property, while not liable for copyright violations committed by any participant.

Not be admitted content considered discriminatory, obscene, disrespectful, aggressive, propaganda or advertising, or biased, defamatory or pornographic.

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