To enable the static route download feature and set the amount of time between downloads, use the aaa route download command in global configuration mode. To disable this function, use the no form of this command.

aaa route download [time] [authorization method-list]

no aaa route download

Syntax Description

time (Optional) Time between downloads, in minutes. The range is from 1 to 1440 minutes.
authorizationmethod-list (Optional) Specify a named method list to which RADIUS authorization requests for static route downloads are sent. If these attributes are not set, all RADIUS authorization requests will be sent to the servers that are specified by the default method list.

Command Default

The default period between downloads (updates) is 720 minutes.

Command Modes

Global configuration

Command History

Release Modification
12.0(3)T This command was introduced.
12.1 This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.1.
12.2(8)T The authorization keyword was added; the method-list argument was added.
12.2(28)SB This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(28)SB.

Usage Guidelines

This command is used to download static route details from the authorization, authentication, and accounting (AAA) server if the name of the router ishostname. The name passed to the AAA server for static routes is hostname-1, hostname-2 hostname-n—the router downloads static routes until it fails an index and no more routes can be downloaded.


The following example sets the AAA route update period to 100 minutes:

aaa route download 100

The following example sets the AAA route update period to 10 minutes and sends static route download requests to the servers specified by the method list name “list1″:

aaa route download 10 authorization list1

Related Commands

Command Description
aaa authorization configuration default Downloads static route configuration information from the AAA server using TACACS+ or RADIUS.
clear ip route download Clears static routes downloaded from a AAA server.
show ip route Displays all static IP routes, or those installed using the AAA route download function.

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