Adobe Media Player is a next-generation desktop media player, providing high-quality video playback of streamed, downloaded, or locally stored video content.

You can queue up and download your favorite Internet TV content, track and download new episodes automatically, and manage your personal video library for viewing at your convenience.

Adobe® Media Player software offers content creators, advertising content creation partners, content publishers, and delivery partners new opportunities for distributing, tracking, and building businesses around rich media. From simple licensing deals for repurposed broadcast content to podcasts and interactive viewing experiences in which users engage onscreen objects by clicking them to get more information or purchase them, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Features of Adobe Media Player 1.8

  • Improved publishing and validation tools
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Familiar tools and partners
  • iTunes tags support
  • Tools that help drive higher revenue
  • Integrated branding
  • Catalog that attracts a valuable audience
  • Content protection
  • Improved reporting and measurement of key usage data
  • Manage your video content library, including videos previously saved to your computer

Important Note :

- In order to run Adobe Media Player, you have to install both Adobe Media Player and Adobe AIR.

Download Free Adobe Media Player 1.7

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