AMANDA, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup solution that allows the IT administrator to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to tape drives/changers or disks or optical media. Amanda uses native utilities and formats (e.g. dump and/or GNU tar) and can back up a large number of servers and workstations running multiple versions of Linux or Unix

Here are some features of Amanda:

  * Written in C and Perl.

  * Freely distributable source and executable. University of Maryland
    (BSD style) license and GPL.

  * Built on top of standard backup software: Unix dump/restore, GNU
    Tar and other archival tools. It is extensible to support new
    archival applications.

  * Open file and tape formats. If necessary, you can use standard
    tools like mt and GNU Tar to recover data.

  * Backs up 32 and 64 bit Windows machines.

  * Will back up multiple machines in parallel to a holding disk. Once
    a dump is complete, Amanda will copy finished dumps one by one to
    virtual tape on a disk or tape as fast as it can.  For example:

    * A 30 GB backup to virtual tape on disk may take less than 75

    * A 41GB backup to AIT5 (25MB/s transfer) may take 40 minutes of
      tape time.

  * Maintains a catalog of files being backed up and their location on
    the media.

  * Does tape management: e.g. Amanda will not overwrite the wrong

  * For a restore, tells you what tapes you need, and finds the proper
    backup image on the tape for you.

  * Supports tape changers via a generic interface.  Easily
    customizable to any type of tape library, carousel, robot,
    stacker, or virtual tape that can be controlled via the unix
    command line.

  * Device API provides a pluggable interface to storage
    devices. Bundled drivers support tapes and virtual tapes on disk,
    DVD-RW, RAIT, and Amazon S3. The bundled amvault can then copy to
    removable media for off-site (D2D2T) or cloud storage (D2D2C).

  * Supports secure communication between server and client using
    OpenSSH, allowing secure backup of machines in a DMZ or out in the

  * Can encrypt backup archives on Amanda client or on Amanda server
    using GPG or any encryption program.

  * Can compress backup archives before sending or after sending over
    the network, with compress, gzip or a custom program.

  * Supports Kerberos 5 security, including encrypted dumps.

  * Recovers gracefully from errors, including down or hung machines.

  * Reports results in detail, including all errors, via email.

  * Dynamically adjusts the backup schedule to keep within
    constraints: no more juggling by hand when adding disks and
    computers to your network.

  * Backup normalization: Amanda schedules full and incremental
    backups so you don't have to, and so as to spread the load across
    the backup cycle. Amanda will intelligently promote a backup level
    in case it is determines that is optimal for resources.

  * Includes a pre-run checker program, that conducts sanity checks on
    both the tape server host and all the client hosts (in parallel),
    and will send an e-mail report of any problems that could cause
    the backups to fail.

  * IPv6 friendly.

  * Runs transparently from cron as needed.

  * Span tapes, i.e. if a single backup is too large for one tape,
    Amanda will split it and put the pieces on multiple tapes

  * Application API allows custom backups for applications such as
    relational databases, or for special file systems.

  * Executes user-provided pre- and post-backup scripts, for,
    e.g. enforcing database referential integrity.

  * Award-winning! Including: Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award.

  * Lots of other options; Amanda is very configurable.
Download Amanda Network BACKUP

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