Apache Cocoon 3 is a major rewrite of Cocoon 2.2. Like Cocoon 2 it is based around the concept of pipelines and sitemaps and it is very similar to Cocoon 2.2 in many respects but is slimmed down and designed to be easily used with Java code (= no frameworks required!). On top of this, Cocoon 3 has the goal of becoming the best available platform for RESTful webservices and web applications.

Key Features of Apache Cocoon 3:

Cocoon 3 consists of 3 layers. Each of this layers is packaged as separate module:

  • cocoon-pipeline
  • cocoon-sitemap
  • cocoon-servlet

Additionally there are more optional modules:

  • cocoon-stringtemplate
  • cocoon-controller
  • cocoon-rest

Cocoon Pipeline

This module doesn’t have any third-party dependencies. Currently it provides three pipeline implementations:

  • noncaching
  • caching
  • async-caching

and it provides a basic set of SAX components:

  • FileGenerator
  • XSLTTransformer
  • XMLSerializer
  • IncludeTransformer
  • CleaningTransformer
  • FileReader
  • StringGenerator

Cocoon Sitemap

A sitemap connects a request (not necessarily a servlet request!) with a pipeline.

Cocoon Servlet

This module provides a servlet that connects an HTTP request with a sitemap. It works smoothly within the Servlet-Service framework. The Servlet-Service framework enables the inter-sitemapcommunication and provides polomorphistic features (e.g. one sitemap can extend another one which allows e.g. the implementation of fallback solutions).

Download Free Apache Cocoon 3

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