To specify dynamic asynchronous addressing, use the async dynamic address command in interface configuration mode. To disable dynamic addressing, use the no form of this command.

async dynamic address

no async dynamic address

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or keywords.

Command Default

Dynamic addressing is disabled.

Command Modes

Interface configuration

Command History

Release Modification
10.0 This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

You can control whether addressing is dynamic (the user specifies the address at the EXEC level when making the connection) or whether default addressing is used (the address is forced by the system). If you specify dynamic addressing, the router must be in interactive mode and the user will enter the address at the EXEC level.

It is common to configure an asynchronous interface to have a default address and to allow dynamic addressing. With this configuration, the choice between the default address or dynamic addressing is made by users when they enter the slip or ppp EXEC command. If the user enters an address, it is used, and if the user enters the default keyword, the default address is used.


The following example shows dynamic addressing assigned to asynchronous interface six.

interface ethernet 0
 ip address
interface async 6
 async dynamic address

Related Commands

Command Description
peer default ip address Specifies an IP address, an address from a specific IP address pool, or an address from the DHCP mechanism to be returned to a remote peer connecting to this interface.

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