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A Birthday Present to the Web – Automatic IPv6 Gateway

CloudFlare launched publicly exactly one year ago today. In that year, we have grown from virtually no traffic to powering more than 15 billion page views and 350 million unique visitors in the last month. Today, to celebrate CloudFlare’s birthday, we thought we’d give our users a present in the form of a groundbreaking new(…)

How to Restore Outlook backup

Restoring a Outlook backup: 1) Go to File and select Data File Management 2) Click on Add and choose the type of Outlook Data File which you want to import. Unless you are using Office 97-2002, most probably, it will be Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst). 3) Select that and choose OK. 4) Outlook(…)

How to Create Outlook backup – A step By step Guide

Creating a Outlook backup: 1) Go to File and select Data File Management 2) Click on the Data Files tab and choose Personal Folders and click on Open Folder 3) Select the file named Outlook (File Type: Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folders) 4) This is the file which contains all your current emails, the folder(…)

uninterrupted videos even on basic mobiles

With an estimated 90 percent of Indian mobile subscribers using feature phones, this translates into a potential audience of over 500 million in the Indian sub-continent alone,” said Ray Newal, chief executive of Jigsee Inc. “These mobile subscribers have so far been unable to access video streaming services such as YouTube, which traditionally caters primarily(…)

NASA’s Fermi Telescope detects 1,873 new light sources in the universe

The Fermi team released its second catalogue of sources detected by the satellite’s Large Area Telescope (LAT) earlier this year. “More than half of these sources are active galaxies, whose massive black holes are responsible for the gamma-ray emissions that the LAT detects,” said Gino Tosti, an astrophysicist at the University of Perugia in Italy(…)

Twitter reaches 100 million active user milestone but 40% of them don’t tweet

Every month 100 million users log on to Twitter to share their opinions with their followers and to find out what’s happening in the Twittersphere. 50 million of those users visit Twitter every day to keep their finger on the microblogging pulse. While millions of people are active users on the social network, a large(…)

HCL Infosystems launches a new scheme for students!

HCL Infosystems has launched a new scheme for students called the Big Bang@Campus.It is an exciting new scheme for students in universities across India. On the purchase of HCL Me laptops, students will be able to access unlimited rich interactive learning programs designed in collaboration with the British Council and HCL Learning solutions. Apart from(…)

How to speedup NFS server (High Traffic Websites)

Recently we were having a big trouble with NFS server. Our nfs server was not able to handle the load and the load average was going up to 250% . We are having around 280GB of data in the NFS , the mounted capaacity of NFS is 300 Gb. We have done many settings changes in NFS(…)