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How to get NFS statistics and tuning parameters

You can use the following commands to identify potential bottlenecks, observe the type of NFS operations taking place on your system, and tune NFS-specific parameters. nfsstat The nfsstat command displays statistical information about the NFS and the RPC interface to the kernel for clients and servers. This command could also be used to re-initialize the counters for(…)

How to enable error reporting in PHP

To enable error reporting you have to add the following ling in the top of your php file error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

How to Share Your Desktop Easily

Join.me is a free online service that allows you to share your desktop with anyone. There is no registration required and the service works great across MAC, PC and mobile devices. All that you need to do is go to www.join.me and click on ‘Share’. A small 1MB plug-in is downloaded to your machine and(…)

How to Identify Your Friend’s Hacked email

Have you been receiving a lot of unsolicited spam mails from a friend lately and he claims he has nothing to do with it? Chances are that his mail account has been hacked. If you are a Hotmail user, you can notify the mail service that your friend’s account has been compromised. Login to your(…)

How to Send 50MB Email Attachments

Now you can send 50MB attachments with GMX mail service.  GMX is a email service provider .GMX offers unlimited storage , 50MB attachments on each email and a good interface with a preview pane. The built in email collector feature can pull in eamil from various accounts. To create a mail id with GMX is(…)

How to view Background process of Google Chrome

How to get Google Chrome CPU, Memory and Network Utilization in the background. Now you can get all the information about the opened pages, cpu utilization of each pages, memory and Network utilization of each pages in Google Chrome. To get that just go to settings and click on view background pages as shown in the Screenshot.

How to do Reverse DNS Record Check

Smtp.com provides you the facility to check your Reverse DNS Record.Just enter your IP and click on check. A standard forward DNS record is the association between a domain name with an IP address on the Internet. The corollary to this is reverse DNS, which associates a domain name with that of an IP address. Despite their(…)

Try Edubuntu online without needing to download or install anything.

Now you can try Linux in your windows or any desktop inside a browser. The service id from Edubuntu and its restricted to 2 hours of usage. All you need is a computer with Java running Linux, MacOS X, Solaris or Windows. To try Edubuntu, Go to http://www.edubuntu.org/vmmanager

Convert and access your Facebook in Excel sheet! – Hide Facebook

Now you can access your facebook any time in your office by converting it into an Excel sheet.  A website developed by a university student allows you to automatically convert your Facebook news feeds into an Excel spreadsheet.  Here we will give you a step by step instruction to access your facebook in excel sheet.(…)

A list of PHP Operator Types

The following operator types are available in PHP: Type Description Arithmetic Perform common arithmetical operations, such as addition and subtraction Assignment Assign values to variables Bitwise Perform operations on individual bits in an integer Comparison Compare values in a Boolean fashion (true or false is returned) Error Control Affect error handling (several new ones in(…)