Biet-O-Matic (BOM) will give you the opportunity to bid at online auction houses automated and scheduled to leave.

It can also be used for bidding, if you personally just not online can be.

The tool works with a modem and ISDN dial-up, DSL or LAN with a flat rate. Even the operation on a remote computer is possible, the control is then carried by mail.

Any number of items are managed and monitored.Moreover, let Bietgruppen similar articles present, of which only a certain number to be bought.

Other functions include converting foreign currencies into euros and a comparison with the normal time.

Do you or your family more than just an account at an online auction house? - No problem with Biet-O-Matic, the program can easily manage multiple user accounts.You decide which items to be auctioned on which user.

Let your computer after work but shut down automatically or surf with the program’s own browser by the rich abundance of online offerings.

The integrated version checking reliably informed about available updates, and with the built-in update function to keep the program easy-to-date

Biet-O-Matic supplement increases your chances at each auction.

Key Features of Biet-O-Matic :

Biet-O-Matic supports automatic dial-up and is about mail completely commands remotely.

• Any number of items are managed and monitored

• Formation of “Bietgruppen” similar articles, of which only a certain number to be auctioned

• Translation of foreign currencies in €

• Automatically Selecting and placing the modem operation

• remote control mail commands, full POP3 and SMTP (AUTH) – Support

• Match the standard time via NTP

• Adjustment of the articles with the observed Articles possible

• Article submissions directly by entering the item number

• Inclusion of the article via drag & drop of the WebPage of the auction house

• Direct return of the Bid-O-Matic products to Product Description

• Transfer of items from the watch list for the auction house

• Self browser

• manage multiple user accounts

• multiple adjustment possibilities for full automation of the program

• Shut down the system to “work” is done possible

Download Free Biet-O-Matic

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