The aim of Boest is to simulate a number of users who are all logged in at the same time and are also viewing and refreshing a report. While Boest is running we can use system tools such as Performance Monitor on a Windows server to measure CPU usage and memory consumption.

One of the key features of the application is that you can set it up so that it executes a test for say 5 users in parallel. It can then repeat that test a set number of times in order to obtain an average and then do the test again for 10 users, 15 users and so on. By doing this we can analyse the results and get an estimate for how much resource a user takes and so extrapolate for a maximum number of users.

A second feature of Boest is that it can be used to create the resources for stress testing. Here you can use the application to create user accounts and test documents and it does this by duplicating an existing account and existing documents. It can also remove all these once you’ve finished testing.


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