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MSP (Maximum Sales Price) – A unique feature from Quikr for its users

The launch of Maximum Sales Price  helps sellers to determine a reasonably accurate value for their used goods before posting an ad for these items on  Maximum Sales Price (MSP) is similar to the concept of Maximum Retail Price (MRP). The new MSP calculator is currently available on Quikr’s mobile and desktop versions for(…)

One of the largest NTP-based DDoS attack hits

One of the largest distributed denial-of-service NTP reflection attack with a magnitude of 255 Gbps, took down and disturbed the normal operations of Netmagic and its upstream ISPs.  As the attack was observed beyond 255 Gbps, blackholed the IP internationally. This is the largest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) NTP reflection  attack happened in India specially with(…)

Use wordpress as a Travel Agency site.

Recently we have modified wordpress platform to a fully functional travel agency site which offers holiday packages, car rental and other travel related service.   The site name is   I am looking for your reviews and suggestions.

First post through anaroid smart phone using wordpress apps

I am realy very exited to post tgrough wordpress apps . Just downloaded the wordpress apps from google apps store . Its free. Just search for wordpress. Its having all the features to mnage your wordpress blog.  Will be alwaus touch with you

Integrate website satisfaction surveys for your site

Now it has been very easy to setup a survey for your website with Google consumer surveys. Its is an easy and free way to collect feedback from your website visitors , All you have to do is paste a small snippet of code in the HTML for your website and this will load a discreet(…)

Microsoft Office for iPhone – Changing Strategy of Microsoft

The good news is that Microsoft office is now available for iPhone users, Microsoft also isn’t selling Office Mobile for iPhone separately. Instead, it comes as part of a $100-a-year Office 365 subscription, which also lets you use Office on up to five Mac and Windows computers. Office Mobile for iPhone is available for no additional charge(…)

A new Email Service from Microsoft called

Microsoft has launched, a new web mail service, to take on Google’s extremely popular Gmail. The new email service comes with “virtually unlimited”.  Get all your social updates in one place.  Here you can get tealtime updates from Facebook, twitter etc. Incidentally, Outlook is the name of the native email client that Microsoft has bundled with(…)

First Recovery From Google Penguin Update

Good news for all the site owners who is affected with Google Penguin Update, Here come first recovery from Penguin Update. The Following Report Shows that on April 24th the traffic went down  and May it bounced back to normal. Google rolled out an update named Penguin on 24th April 2012, with the intended function(…)

A Birthday Present to the Web – Automatic IPv6 Gateway

CloudFlare launched publicly exactly one year ago today. In that year, we have grown from virtually no traffic to powering more than 15 billion page views and 350 million unique visitors in the last month. Today, to celebrate CloudFlare’s birthday, we thought we’d give our users a present in the form of a groundbreaking new(…)