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uninterrupted videos even on basic mobiles

With an estimated 90 percent of Indian mobile subscribers using feature phones, this translates into a potential audience of over 500 million in the Indian sub-continent alone,” said Ray Newal, chief executive of Jigsee Inc. “These mobile subscribers have so far been unable to access video streaming services such as YouTube, which traditionally caters primarily(…)

NASA’s Fermi Telescope detects 1,873 new light sources in the universe

The Fermi team released its second catalogue of sources detected by the satellite’s Large Area Telescope (LAT) earlier this year. “More than half of these sources are active galaxies, whose massive black holes are responsible for the gamma-ray emissions that the LAT detects,” said Gino Tosti, an astrophysicist at the University of Perugia in Italy(…)

Twitter reaches 100 million active user milestone but 40% of them don’t tweet

Every month 100 million users log on to Twitter to share their opinions with their followers and to find out what’s happening in the Twittersphere. 50 million of those users visit Twitter every day to keep their finger on the microblogging pulse. While millions of people are active users on the social network, a large(…)

How to Share Your Desktop Easily is a free online service that allows you to share your desktop with anyone. There is no registration required and the service works great across MAC, PC and mobile devices. All that you need to do is go to and click on ‘Share’. A small 1MB plug-in is downloaded to your machine and(…)

How to Identify Your Friend’s Hacked email

Have you been receiving a lot of unsolicited spam mails from a friend lately and he claims he has nothing to do with it? Chances are that his mail account has been hacked. If you are a Hotmail user, you can notify the mail service that your friend’s account has been compromised. Login to your(…)

How to Send 50MB Email Attachments

Now you can send 50MB attachments with GMX mail service.  GMX is a email service provider .GMX offers unlimited storage , 50MB attachments on each email and a good interface with a preview pane. The built in email collector feature can pull in eamil from various accounts. To create a mail id with GMX is(…)

Try Edubuntu online without needing to download or install anything.

Now you can try Linux in your windows or any desktop inside a browser. The service id from Edubuntu and its restricted to 2 hours of usage. All you need is a computer with Java running Linux, MacOS X, Solaris or Windows. To try Edubuntu, Go to

Convert and access your Facebook in Excel sheet! – Hide Facebook

Now you can access your facebook any time in your office by converting it into an Excel sheet.  A website developed by a university student allows you to automatically convert your Facebook news feeds into an Excel spreadsheet.  Here we will give you a step by step instruction to access your facebook in excel sheet.(…)

How to make Group chatting in Facebook

Facebook has started Group chatting . Now you can group chat with your friends. To group chat just click on any of your friend, go to settling button and click on add friends to chat as shown in the below screenshot

How to make video calls in Facebook

Facebook recently started video calling ,  To make a video call you have to set it for the first time.  I will explain you how to make video calls in Facebook in a step by step Guide. Just go to the below given facebook link and click on start as shown in the below screenshot.(…)