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Chinese Hackers Steal Data From Dalai Lama’s Office, Indian Embassy & Others

 A vast electronic spying operation has infiltrated computers and has stolen documents from hundreds of government and private offices around the world, including those of the Dalai Lama, Canadian researchers have concluded.      In a report, the researchers said that the system was being controlled from computers based almost exclusively in China, but added that they(…)

Worm infecting MS Windows may fool on April 1

As April Fool’s Day draws closer, Windows XP and Windows 2000 users are being advised by security experts to brace themselves against the third variant of the deadly Conficker worm which may begin a new cycle of spreading spam, stealing data or carrying out online scams. Conficker, a new breed of self-updating PC worms that(…)

Microsoft makes Internet Explorer 8 available

March 19, 2009. – Today Microsoft officially made the final version of its browser, Internet Explorer 8(IE8), available. The new version provides new features and improved security, but, as with the version update from IE6 to IE7, the average user will probably not notice many differences compared to its predecessor, IE7. It should now be safe to install IE8, but you may want(…)

MythTV – A Free and Open Source alternative to Tivo and Windows Media Center

We like to think of MythTV as the ultimate Digital Video Recorder and home media center hub. Think of it as a Free and Open Source alternative to Tivo and Windows Media Center. It started out in 2002 as a way for Isaac Richards to produce a better TV-viewing environment than his cable company’s digital(…)

The smallest Linux Computer in the World – picotux

The picotux 100 is the world’s smallest Linux computer, only slightly larger (35mm×19mm×19mm) than an RJ45 connector. Inside, there is an ARM7 CPU at 55 MHz running uClinux kernel 2.4.27 and Busybox 1.0. Two communication interfaces are provided, 10/100 Mbit half/full duplex Ethernet and a serial port with up to 230.400 baud. Five additional lines(…)

Micro-USB Universal Mobile Chargers for Cell Phones by 2012

They promise the  universal charging solution (UCS) will be widely available worldwide and will use Micro-USB as the common universal charging interface. They promise that by January 2012, majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a universal charging connector. How does a Universal mobile charger benefit you? A universal charger will let you use the same charger(…)

World’s Cheapest $10 Laptop

India has developed and released the world’s cheapest laptop today which will cost merely around $10 to $20 (Rs 500 to Rs 1,000) and is much cheaper than any other notebook available in the world. Rediff news reports that the world cheapest laptop was unveiled by Union Minister for Human Resources Development Arjun Singh at the Tirupati temple on Tuesday evening. The(…)

Stark relief: White House, VP’s residence now visible in Google Maps

During the Bush/Cheney administration, aerial views of the White House and vice president’s residence, the United State Naval Observatory, were obscured in Google Earth and Google Maps. The outlines of the White House were visible, but the roof of it and of the nearby Old Executive Office Building were replaced with featureless gray slabs. The(…)

Tricky virus infects nine million PCs – Downadup” and “Conficker

Anew sleeper virus that could allow hackers to steal financial and personal information has now spread to more than nine million computers in what industry analysts say is one of the most serious infections they have ever seen.      The sneaky worm uses a virtual Swiss army knife of attack techniques to infect Microsoft Windows PCs,(…)

98.1% Windows PC is Vulnerable According to Latest Research

When every one is progressing towards a better and a secure cyber atmosphere, Windows astoundingly continues their trend and lags behind. If we remember last January’s assessments, at least 5% of the PCs were safe from any vulnerabilities. I used to count me as one while using Windows XP. But the recent stats show me(…)

Rush for the Windows 7 Official Public Beta

Great news for Windows enthusiast. The public beta version of Windows 7 is all set for a grand release come Friday, January 9, 2009. The exciting announcement was made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at his keynote address in 2009 Internet Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The beta version would be available for download worldwide with(…)

Breach Securityâ„¢ Labs Alert – Mass SQL Injection Attack

Priority: HIGH Impact: Potential for database corruption or malware to be distributed to website visitors. Resolution: Verify blocking policy in web application firewall. Remediate the following web application and database flaws: 1. Poor/missing input validation of user-supplied data in the web application. 2. Poor/missing output encoding of user-supplied data. 3. Improper database permissions and/or SQL query construction. Who:(…)