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Craigslist moving to MongoDB

Mongo DB is a new age no SQL datastore which is gaining traction. Mongo DB is also opensource ( . MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database. Written in C++. The NoSQL data store is now being used to archive billions of records at Craigslist, the popular classifieds and job posting community that(…)

Start integrate performance analysis with Page Speed Online API

Google release page speed online and now thay have come up with an API for page speed by which you can able to integrate performance analysis very simply in their command-line tools and web performance dashboards. Google have provided a getting started guide that helps you to get up and running quickly, understand the API, and start(…)

Google Releasing Google Books API in Code Labs

Google have released Google Books API in Code Labs. The new Books API will help you write applications to query for the more than 15 million books that are searchable on including book metadata, pricing and more. This API replaces the Google Book Search Data and Javascript APIs. Start it Google Books API Code Labs.

Facebook leaked keys to account data

US computer security firm Symantec on Tuesday said that Facebook accidentally left a door open for advertisers to access profiles, pictures, chat and other private data at the social network. Symantec discovered that certain Facebook applications leaked tokens that act essentially as “spare keys” for accessing profiles, reading messages, posting to walls or other actions.(…)

How to Work offline with Cloud9 on Google Chrome

Cloud9 is an online IDE for JS, Python, PHP and Ruby development. By placing all your code in the cloud, you can access your code anywhere, anytime and on any device. But what if you’re not online? Working with web applications offline has been a difficult problem to solve. Traditional web applications required all the(…)

Apache Solr 3.1 Released

The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the availability of Apache Lucene 3.1 and Apache Solr 3.1. The version number for Solr 3.1 was chosen to reflect the merge of development with Lucene, which is currently also on 3.1. Going forward, we expect the Solr version to be the same as the Lucene version. Solr(…)

Osama virus spreading exponentially

A seemingly innocuous Facebook message which contains the attention-grabbing headline – “Osama dead – censored video leaked” – has wreaked havoc in Dubai and across cyberspace. Fast multiplying “The virus multiplies exponentially – primarily because of Facebook being so popular,” said Kazi Mohammad Akram, General Manager, Ras Infotech, a Dubai-based representative of F-Secure and M86(…)

How to find Deals in Facebook

You can find deals on Facebook in a couple of different ways — for example, you can get deals updates through email and notifications to find out about new deals in your area. You can also check out the Deals tab of your home page. If your friends chose to share this information, you may(…)

AWS Training Now Available

Amazon web services announced its training for AWS. Each session will be held in Seattle and will run for four full days. The classes are designed for developers with experience building Java applications and there will be coding exercises in class. Attendance is limited to 20 students per session and attendees are expected to bring(…)

Introducing Google Map Maker for the United States

Are you a local expert? Add detail to the places you know using Google Map Maker, now available for the United States. See mapping around the world happening right now at, or start mapping at