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Mystery of the Dropping Google ‘O’

How can you break the Google logo and make Google drop an ‘O’. Well someone decided to have fun with Google search and found the search operators which could achieve this Google hack. SEOmoz explains how it is possible After doing any kind of search, you can append the “num=100” parameter to the query string(…)

Google Chrome Powered by Chromium

Why has Google named its web browser Chrome? Its because the technology that powers Google Chrome is Chromium, an open-source project, and a powerful platform for developing a new generation of web applications. Chromium doesn’t have an extension system as yet, but supports NPAPI-style “plugins”, such as Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime. They are releasing all(…)

Bonding Options

balance-rr or 0 This is the default, transmitting packets in order from the first available slave through the last, for load balancing and fault tolerance. active-backup or 1 Only one of the bond slaves is used, and the others sit idle until the active slave fails. balance-xor or 2 This has two possible behaviors, which(…)

How to Configure and build bonding in Linux

Most popular distro kernels ship with the bonding driver already available as a module and the ifenslave user level control program installed and ready for use. If your distro does not, or you have need to compile bonding from source (e.g., configuring and installing a mainline kernel from, you’ll need to perform the following(…)

Exchange 2003 dial tone database restore method

Suppose one day your large mailbox store get corrupt, then it will take a large amount of time to restore it from backup. Using dial tone database restore method you allow users to connect to a new blank or empty mailbox store and then restore the database from backup. Creating the Dial-tone Database To create(…)

Microsoft Exchange Server Important points about RSG

Important points about RSG • An RSG can be used only to recover mailbox data. To recover public folder data, you must use a recovery forest and recovery server. • RSGs cannot be used to recover mailboxes that have been deleted. • In order to use an RSG, you must have a backup of the(…)

How to Increase productivity on slow internet connections

If you have a slow internet connection or are still using dial-up, here are some tips to increase the speed of internet browsing and sending or receiving email: Compress email attachments: Compressing your file attachments can dramatically reduce the time needed to send and receive emails.  WinZip is one of the more common compression tools,(…)

How DNS Works

Domain name Servers (DNS) are an important but invisible part of the internet, and form one of the largest databases on it. Each machine on an internet is assigned a unique address, called an IP address, which is 32 bit number and is expressed as 4 octets. The method user to represent these IP addresses(…)

How To Overclock A Processor

Q : What is over clocking? Overclocking is when you make your system processor run faster that its normal speed. This has many advantages and dis-advantages. Advantages : This is obvious, your system will run faster Dis-Advantages : Your hardware is likely to have a less life span. Your components will run at higher temperatures(…)

How to Save Laptop Battery Power

You’ve got a five-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York City, and one battery in your laptop. You’ve got work to do, DVDs to watch, and games to play. How are you going to get that battery to last? Well, hidden inside (and outside) your computer are lots of tricks to help you. Dimming(…)

Best Freelance Marketplace Sites

1. eLance – paid monthly/yearly subscriptions to make bids. – commission for each project/payment (6.75% to 8.75%, with a minimum fee of $10 per project) – one free wire transfer per month 2. Guru – free account (limited to 10 bids/month) with higher commissions than normal one – paid monthly/yearly subscriptions with 100bids/mo(…)

PHP Accelerators

PHP Accelerators/Cachers will boost the performance of your PHP applications, by caching the compiled form of php scripts to avoid the overhead of parsing and compiling the code every time the page is loaded. A PHP accelerator typically reduces server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times. Normally you will(…)