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Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming

This second colume provides programmers who are experienced in both Linux and fundamental 3D graphics concepts with a well-rounded perpesctive on 3D theory and practice within the context of programming larger interactive 3D applications. Download

Linux Desktop Hacks

The KDE and Gnome desktops have developed into mature operating environments. These technologies not only act as interfaces between the user, the powerful Linux kernel and GNU operating system, but they do so in a fun and intuitive way. Many users are content with the tools and facilities included with these desktops, but–for those who(…)

Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base

An initiative of the Free Standards Group, the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is a set of standards designed to increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable applications to run on any LSB-compliant system. The advent of LSB 2.0 is revolutionary in that it allows ISVs to create “shrink-wrapped software” for the Linux platform much in(…)

Linux Server Security

Linux consistently appears high up in the list of popular Internet servers, whether it’s for the Web, anonymous FTP, or general services such as DNS and delivering mail. But security is the foremost concern of anyone providing such a service. Any server experiences casual probe attempts dozens of time a day, and serious break-in attempts(…)

Java(TM) Application Development on Linux(R) (Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series)

Intended for Java programmers new to Linux and Linux developers new to Java, this guide describes the open source tools available for the development and deployment of production Java applications on Linux systems. It introduces basic shell commands, the vi editor, the Java SDK, object discovery, Oracle and MySQL databases, the swing classes for constructing(…)

Linux Bible, 2005 Edition

If Linux can do it, you can do it, too … Welcome to the free-range world of Linux! This unique reference will guide you through installing, configuring, and running more than a dozen different flavors of the versatile Linux operating system. You’ll learn the essentials of Linux graphical interfaces, shell commands, and basic system administration,(…)

Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

* This essential reference organizes material into a set of nine stand-alone, task-oriented minibooks that enable readers to understand all aspects of the Fedora OS, the latest release of the most popular Linux distribution * Each minibook covers a different aspect of Fedora, such as getting users started with Fedora, the various workstations and applications,(…)

SUSE Linux 9 Bible

SUSE is the leading Linux distribution in Europe, with a strong enterprise presence and reputation as the most secure Linux distribution Written by two SUSE insiders, this book explains the best way to carry out a task while making full use of SUSE’s configuration utilities and unique YaST modules Offers unique information not found anywhere(…)

Embedded Linux : Hardware,Software,and Interfacing

Embedded Linux covers the development and implementation of interfacing applications on an embedded Linux platform. It includes a comprehensive discussion of platform selection, crosscompilation, kernel compilation, root filesystem creation, booting, remote debugging, real-world interfacing, application control, data collection, archiving, and presentation. This book includes serial, parallel, memory I/O, USB, and interrupt-driven hardware designs using x86-,(…)

Java Programming on Linux

The point of Java Programming on Linux is that while Java software generally looks the same from platform to platform–that’s the glory of its portable nature–the tools for generating that software differ among operating systems. In this book, Nathan Meyers presents a comprehensive picture of the Java universe from the point of view of people who(…)

Integrating Linux and Windows

The complete solutions guide for every Linux/Windows system administrator! Your complete Linux/Windows integration guide Detailed coverage of dual-boot issues, data compatibility, and networking Implementing Samba file/print services for Windows workstations Providing cross-platform database access Running Linux and Windows in the same environment? Here’s the comprehensive, up-to-the-minute solutions guide you’ve been searching for! In Integrating Linux(…)