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Why People Prefer Linux ,Apache,MySQL and PHP for High Traffic Sites.

Most of the high traffic sites run on LAMP,Linux ,Apache,MySQL and PHP .  Sites Like Twitter, Facebook  are big time user of LAMP and other open source softwares. Ever wondered why they are gone with LAMP.  The main reason is Its Free , any one can download and use it, you can also change as per(…)

Solved “mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock missing codepage or helper program”

i was getting the following error while mounting the nfs on my fedora, mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error       (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might      need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program)       In some cases(…)

SendMail Error “host map: lookup (domain): deferred”

This Sendmail error–also seen as “Transient parse error — message queued for future delivery” or “Name server: domain: host not found”–indicates that Sendmail encountered a problem with one of its DNS resource record lookups of the destination domain. Solution : Check your DNS server, Your sendmail server is not able to resolve names.

What Is Tungsten Replicator?

The Tungsten Replicator provides open source database-neutral master/slave replication. Master/slave replication is a highly flexible technology that can solve a wide variety of problems including the following: Availability – Failing over to a slave database if your master database dies Performance Scaling – Spreading reads across many copies of data Data Protection – Preventing data(…)

How to send links and other information from your desktop or laptop to your phone

If you wish to send links and other information from your desktop to your Mobile device, Then you can use this ultimate utility from Google Chrome, Its and extension developed and used with Chrome browser.  This extension will enable you to send instant ,current web page, map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text(…)

How to disable automatic renewal for your domain registration – Google Apps

If you would like to disable automatic renewal for your domain registration, you can follow the steps below. Log in to your control panel at Click Domain settings. Click Domain names. Uncheck the box next to Automatically renew my domain registration every year. Click Save changes.

Solve Java Refuses to Start – Could not reserve enough space for object heap

I was having a problem in JVM when i allocate 3 GB or 4 GB of memory to JVM on a 32 bit RHEL server. After doing some research i found out the following things. 32 Bit server supports maximum 2GB Memory with JDK6 After updating jdk6 to jdk7 it starts support much more. In 64Bit Servers(…)

Oracle Enhances MySQL Enterprise Edition

An update to MySQL 5.5 Enterprise Edition is now available. MySQL Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive subscription offering that includes MySQL Database plus monitoring, backup and design tools, with 24×7, worldwide customer support.New in this release is the addition of MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Workbench along with enhancements in MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Recent integration with(…)

A Brief to Amazon EC2 and Pricing – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud uses Amazon Simple Storage Service to store and access your images. Your Amazon EC2 subscription will also enable your account to use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and Amazon Simple Notification Service. You will not be charged for these services unless you decide to use them. After completing(…)

How to Recover Password for Smoothwall Products

Here you can find a step by step guide to recover the password of Smoothwall Products. The original Articles is given on there Site . Passwords and recovery of same on Smoothwall Smoothwall The Smoothwall Firewall Web Interface users Apart from the initial default admin user, the Smoothwall Firewall also has the possibility of setting up multiple usernames with(…)

How to Remotely connect to computers on a Different Network

I found a Interesting video on youtube which shows a step by step guide to connect to a remote computer.  This remote computer may be a different server or desktop in the same network or in a different network.  The Remote server or Desktop should have a Public ip along with terminal service enabled . To enable(…)