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A complete List of lighttpd Configuration Options

`configure’ configures lighttpd 1.4.28 to adapt to many kinds of systems. Usage: ./configure [OPTION]… [VAR=VALUE]… To assign environment variables (e.g., CC, CFLAGS…), specify them as VAR=VALUE. See below for descriptions of some of the useful variables. Defaults for the options are specified in brackets. Configuration: -h, –help display this help and exit –help=short display options(…)

What is XCache ?

XCache is a open-source opcode cacher, which means that it accelerates the performance of PHP on servers. It optimizes performance by removing the compilation time of PHP scripts by caching the compiled state of PHP scripts into the shm (RAM) and uses the compiled version straight from the RAM. This will increase the rate of(…)

What Lighttpd is?

What is Lighttpd? Lighttpd, or Lighty, as it is affectionately called, is an extensible, modular, low-footprint, single-threaded, high performance, web server that will happily run on small servers, and outperform an Apache server or Microsoft IIS in most settings. Lighttpd powers many large sites, such as the YouTube video download servers and the image upload(…)

What is the use of Apache Extras

Apache Extras is aimed primarily those who are unable or unwilling to licence their code under the Apache License V2, but want to signal their relationship to one or more Apache project community. One example of this is my own Drupal connector for Apache Wookie (Incubating). This needs to be GPL licensed due to the(…)

Some cool Android tips and tricks

Tips Visual cue for scrolling: When you are in a scrollable list (like your Gmail inbox) and you reach the end of the list it shows an orange hue—a visual cue that you can’t scroll anymore. Notification bar icons (Wi-Fi, network coverage bars, etc.): Turn green when you have an uninhibited connection to Google, white(…)

Looking for an Open Source Network Backup Solution ? – Here comes Bacula

As a System Administrator you will be always worried about the backups of your users as well as servers. The commercial backup solutions are some times little costly which may not be affordable for small companies. I always preferred open source products for backups which works absolutely fine for me. when we select an open source software we should(…)

System information disabled due to load higher on Linux Box

what to do when your system just hangs because of higher load. This happens to me when my apche and mysql configuration was not proper. I had given more threads in apache config file than my actual memory and also the my.cnf file was given more temp cache than the actual memory of the system.(…)

Find your Friends Location with Google Latitude app for iPhone

Do you want to find your friend Location or your Family Members or even you can find your child when he goes out for shopping. The new Google Latitude app for iPhone gives you exact location of your friends and beloveds. With the new Google Latitude app for iPhone, you can see where your friends are(…)

What is the Chrome Web Store?

The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. To start exploring the store, visit or click the store icon in Chrome’s New Tab page. Once you’re in the store, find interesting apps, extensions or themes by using the search box or(…)

How to Create Apps of your Blog in Nokia’s Ovi Store

How to create a professional mobile application from your web content. In just a few minutes, you can bundle web content into a convenient and accessible mobile application to extend your brand to new markets, build market share, and even monetize your content. Ovi app wizard takes you through the process step-by-step, and makes app(…)