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Google to build ultra-fast broadband networks

Google Inc. plans to build a handful of experimental, ultra-fast broadband networks around the country to connect consumers to the Internet and ensure that tomorrow’s systems can keep up with online video and other advanced applications that the search company will want to deliver. The Google project, announced Wednesday, is also intended to provide a platform for(…)

A new Social hub from Google

Google Inc. opened a new social hub in its e-mail service on Tuesday, leaving little doubt that the Internet search leader is girding for a face-off with Facebook. The new Gmail channel, called Google Buzz, includes many of the features that have turned Facebook into the Web’s top spot for fraternizing with friends and family. It comes less(…)

Facebook removes Microsoft banner ads from site

Facebook is taking full control of display ads on the world’s No. 1 social networking website, cutting short an exclusive deal that had allowed Microsoft Corp to manage part of that business. However, Microsoft — the exclusive provider of Web search on Facebook — will continue to sell text-based search ads on the website as the partners extended(…)

PayPal halts certain payment transactions in India

The online payments service PayPal has taken the unusual step of suspending many transactions in India for more than a week. A spokesman for the service said Saturday that “personal payments” to and from India are being blocked. Transfers to banks in India are being suspended as well. The spokesman, Anuj Nayar, said PayPal is taking the step(…)

A Laptop From Nokia – Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop unveiled

A Laptop from nokia, ya its true, Nokia is making laptops. Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop unveiled. Lets have a look at what they say about there new product. Nokia has just whipped the dust sheet off the Nokia Booklet 3G. A brand new breed of portable device for Nokia, this mini laptop PC sees the(…)

Now you Can Watch Bollywood Movies on YouTube

Its a great news for NRIs (not only NRIs but all). They can watch Bollywood movies on There are almost 24 movies with good Quality. For watching movies just go here .  Some of the movies are as shown on the screen shot.

Google is Reducing Share of AdSense Publishers

There is worry for all the Adsense publishers, The latest buzz is that the Google is reducing share of Adsense to Publishers. Is it true. The Digital Inspiration guys (Read here)had given a detailed overview of the Google Adsense report, its very interesting one. I think the slow down of  economy is hitting all across globe. Need to think(…)

Google Co Founders Selling the Stocks

Google Inc. co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are relinquishing some of their control over the Internet search leader with the sale of 10 million shares worth $5.5 billion at current prices. Under a plan disclosed Friday, the longtime business partners will each sell 5 million Google shares during a five-year period that will commence with(…)

Google reconsidering its business operations in China

Google has vowed to defy Chinese Internet censors and risk banishment from the lucrative market in outrage at “highly sophisticated” cyberattacks aimed at Chinese human rights activists. China-based cyber spies struck the Internet giant and at least 20 other unidentified firms in an apparent bid to hack into the email accounts of activists around the(…)

Who Will be Zimbra’s New Owner

Yahoo is selling the e-mail service Zimbra to VMware as part of an effort to focus on the Internet services that generate most of its revenue. Financial terms of the deal announced Tuesday weren’t disclosed. Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., bought Zimbra for $350 million in September 2007. Zimbra manages more than 55 million e-mail boxes for(…)

A uniquely Gallic competitor to Google Books

France’s culture minister on Tuesday unveiled a plan for adapting the country’s literary patrimony to the digital age by developing what he hopes will prove a uniquely Gallic competitor toGoogle Books. Frederic Mitterrand didn’t rule out cooperating with the ubiquitous, U.S.-based search engine and said Francewas prepared to share files with Google under certain conditions. But(…)