a1The firewall has come to exemplify network security. While an overall security strategy requires a harmonious integration of people, process, and technologies to reduce risk, there’s no doubt that firewalls can be a very valuable security tool. Cisco Systems’ PIX firewalls have gained market leadership by demonstrating a mix of functionality, performance, and flexibility. The objective of this book is to help you gain a deeper knowledge of Cisco PIX Firewalls. Whether you have administrative responsibilities or are studying to pass an exam such as the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced (CSPFA), this comprehensive guide will be of value to you.

This is the only book in the market that focuses on covering (and going well beyond) all of the objectives of the latest CSPFA 3.0 exam (9E0-111). Through the use of detailed examples, this book provides step-by-side instructions on how to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot PIX firewalls running software version 6.2 and PIX Device Manager (PDM) version 2.1. All the latest and greatest features of PIX firewall software version 6.2 are covered, including TurboACLs, object grouping, NTP, HTTP failover replication, command level authorization, downloadable ACLs, LAN-based failover, and PPPoE.


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