ControlPad is a lightweight application launcher that uses the number pad on your keyboard as a quick launcher for applications and system commands.

ControlPad turns the numeric keypad on your keyboard to a Windows command execution system.

You may configure any numeric code to: Execute any program, open any document, open any web address or send any series of keystrokes to the operating system.

Once you’ve downloaded the portable version or installed ControlPad you can access the quick launch dialogue box, as seen here, by pressing the * key on your number pad. The box pops up and you key in a string of numbers that have been linked to the effect you want—bonus points for anyone who guesses what we linked 2112 to in our test of the software.

Not so keen on using numbers to launch your applications? Not a problem—you can just as easily use words if you want. You can press and hold the * for longer than you would to just call up the launcher and it will enter into editing mode. Enter a new command and hit the / button on the number pad to associate it with a new launch code. You can also bulk add new launch codes by opening up the commands.ini file, and there are several examples in there to show you the syntax.

ControlPad is free, Windows only, and available as a portable application.

ControlPad is a unique and useful tool that can save you time accessing the files, programs, and processes you use most often. You can program commands almost as fast as you can launch them, and its usefulness seems limited only by your ability to remember the commands you program!


ControlPad comes with a simple installer and uninstaller.

It does not register anything in the Windows registry, with the exception of what Windows requires in order to recognize it in the Add/Remove Software dialog and Start menu.

ControlPad is also available as a portable version for your thumb drive or other portable device – just download and extract the ZIP file.

For the advanced users – ControlPad’s installer is packed with WinRar, so if you prefer running it without installing, you may simply extract the installation file using WinRar (or compatible program).

Download Free ControlPad

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