Lenovo Netbooks Get Dolby Surround Sound

Dolby Laboratories has showcased the first netbook computers that incorporate ‘Dolby Headphone’ technology. Among the first netbooks to use the technology are the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and the S10-2. The new Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and S10-2 are lightweight, ultraportable PCs that offer an equally enthralling surround sound experience as desktop or laptop PCs.

Dolby Headphone technology creates a surround sound experience through any set of headphones. This technology provides a virtual surround sound experience that allows listeners to feel immersed in the entertainment and creatures up to five virtual speakers in a virtual room.

“Dolby is synonymous with rich, multichannel audio, and with Dolby Headphone, we’re proving that small portable products like the IdeaPad S12 and S10-2 netbooks need not sacrifice the entertainment experience for size,” Mary Anderson, marketing director of Dolby’s PC segment.

Dolby Headphone technology can be included in almost any product that incorporates a headphone output and can process stereo or multichannel audio, including portable DVD players, PCs, digital TVs, and wireless devices. Lenovo boasts that Dolby Headphone technology offers richer surround sound without hogging the processor and affecting the battery life of the netbook.

Source: http://www.technologynews.co.in

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