Google Plugin for Eclipse is a set of software development tools that enables Java developers to quickly design, build, optimize, and deploy cloud-based applications. GPE assists developers in efficiently creating a rich user experience, generating high quality Ajax code using the Google Web Toolkit, optimizing performance with Speed Tracer, and effortlessly deploying applications to the Google cloud. These powerful tools remove tedium and free developers to focus on creating great application logic. GPE is the first suite of integrated development tools designed specifically for Eclipse Java developers to create fast, reliable and high quality applications for the Google cloud.

The plugin currently supports Google App Engine development and is compatible with Eclipse 3.6.

See the Quick Start guide to install the plugin and create your first web application. It lets you go from installing the plugin to deploying an Ajax “Hello World” in minutes. Here are just a few of the features the plugin provides to speed your development process.

New Web Application Wizard

Quickly create web applications that use GWT and/or App Engine. Your new application is fully-configured and ready to go.

Web Application Launch Configurations

Run or debug your web application locally using fully-customizable launch configurations.Improved!

Support for Google Web Toolkit

  • Development Mode View: inspect your debugging logs and manage the GWT code server right from Eclipse
  • UiBinder support: template editor with auto-completion, as-you-type validation of template and owner classes, and creation wizard
  • Recognition of inline JavaScript (JSNI): Java reference auto-completion, syntax highlighting, auto-indenting, Java Search and Refactoring integration
  • Validation, quick fixes, and refactoring support to keep your RPC interfaces in sync
  • GWT compiler shortcuts and configuration UI
  • Wizards to create modules, client bundles, entry points and HTML pages
  • Compatibility with Eclipse for Java EE and projects built with MavenNew!
  • Support for GWT JUnit tests

Support for Google App Engine

  • Easy deployment to App Engine
  • As-you-type validation ensures that your code is compatible with App Engine
  • Build projects and ‘enhance’ JDO classes automatically without the need for AntImpr

Instructions for installing this new release of the Google Plugin for Eclipse and GWT SDK can be found here: Getting Started with Google Plugin for Eclipse.

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