Zend Server Community Edition is a fast and reliable PHP application stack. It is completely free, and you can use it in development, testing and production. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and IBM i are supported.

Boost Performance of your PHP Applications

Zend Server Community Edition provides multiple capabilities for improving application response times and minimizing resource utilization:

  • PHP bytecode caching (Zend Optimizer+) - increases performance with no application changes
  • Data caching - a set of functions that allow developers to cache data in shared memory or to disk

Use a Reliable PHP Stack in Development and Production

Zend Server Community Edition is a pre-integrated PHP application stack that’s been tested by Zendto ensure the highest levels of reliability. You can use it to run your application in production, during development and testing, ensuring a consistent environment throughout the application lifecycle.

If at any point you require technical support, software updates, security patches, application monitoring or extra performance, you can simply upgrade to Zend Server, the commercial version ofZend Server Community Edition.

Get Up and Running with a Full PHP Stack in Minutes

Eliminate wasted time spent on putting together your PHP stack piece by piece.  Zend ServerCommunity Edition includes everything you need, whether you’re using Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. The simple, native installers will set you up in minutes with:

  • Bytecode accelerator (Optimizer+)
  • Zend Data Cache
  • A certified PHP distribution
  • Zend Framework
  • Apache (or IIS integration)
  • MySQL (on Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to all common databases
  • Java code connectivity
  • Web-based PHP administrator console
Zend Server CE (PHP 5.2) 5.0.3  for Windows (EXE) 59.30 MB
Zend Server CE (PHP 5.3) 5.0.3  for Windows (EXE) 61.09 MB

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