Zend Server is a complete, enterprise-ready Web Application Server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security on Linux, Windows or IBM i.

Enhance PHP Application Reliability and Security

Tracking, installing, configuring and testing dozens of PHP libraries and drivers is a time sink for developers, testers and administrators. The rapid updates and code changes in today’s fast-pacedWeb application arena further aggravate the challenges of maintaining reliable and secure PHP runtime environments.

Zend Server includes a production-ready, tested stack that incorporates PHP, Zend Framework, required extensions and drivers – all installed through RPM/DEB on Linux or MSI on Windows. ZendServer also support IBM i.

Zend Server customers have access to Zend’s technical support, and receive online software updates, hot fixes and security patches, to ensure they run the most reliable, secure, and up-to-date version of PHP.

Ensure Successful Deployments

Many of the problems encountered during application deployment or in production occur because different PHP versions and configurations are used in development, testing and production.

Zend Server enables you to deploy your PHP applications with confidence, ensuring every member of your team uses the same, highly reliable environment consistently through each stage of theapplication life cycle.  If you ship your PHP application to a remote customer, Zend Server’s unattended installer facilitates fast and trouble-free deployments.

Detect Problems Before the Phone Rings

When things go wrong with your application, you want to know about it as soon as possible, and resolve the problem before end-users are impacted.  Zend Server enables you to take a proactive approach when it comes to ensuring the best user experience by monitoring PHP applicationexecution and alerting you to critical problems such as:

  • Slow PHP script execution
  • PHP errors
  • Errors in specific function calls
  • Excess memory usage
  • Errors in called Java code
  • And more…

Windows Downloads

Zend Server (PHP 5.2) 5.0.3 (EXE) 60.79 MB Release Notes
Zend Server (PHP 5.3) 5.0.3 (EXE) 63.98 MB Release Notes
Zend Server (PHP 5.2 and 5.3) 5.0.3 Hotfix 1 (EXE) 3.37 MB Release Notes

Linux Downloads

Zend Server (DEB/RPM Installer Script) 5.0.3 (TAR.GZ) 0.01 MB Release Notes

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