Zend Studio is our professional-grade PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It has been designed to maximize developer productivity by enabling you to develop and maintain code faster, solve application problems quickly and improve team collaboration.

Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers providing the capabilities needed to develop business applications. Features like refactoring, code generation, code assist and semantic analysis combine to enable rapid applicationdevelopment on both the server side (in PHP) and the browser side (in JavaScript). Zend Studio also makes it simple to develop in a production-like environment by integrating with VMware Workstation for running and debugging PHP applications.

Zend Studio provides comprehensive debugging and testing support that helps you analyze and resolve problems quickly. Through support for both local and remote (on server) debugging,integrated PHP and JavaScript debugging, profiling, code inspection & quick fix, test generation & reporting, you have the tools you need to diagnose and resolve application problems quickly while ensuring your code starts out correctly.  Tight integration with Zend Server speeds root cause analysis of problems detected in testing, staging or the production environment.

Zend Studio 8 8.0.0 (Windows MSI) 350.53 MB
Zend Studio 8 (IBM i Edition) 8.0.0 (Windows MSI) 350.53 MB
Virtual development server (Ubuntu Linux) 8.0.0 (ZIP) 1192.08 MB
Studio Web Debugger 20100729 (ZIP) 2.17 MB
Studio Browser Toolbars 2.3 (Firefox Toolbar) 0.21 MB
Studio Browser Toolbars 2.2.1 (Internet Explorer Toolbar) 0.18 MB

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