HTTP compression speeds up file delivery, reduces bandwidth costs, and reduces server load. ZipEnable extends the built-in “On/Off” compression in IIS 6.0. The native compression is fast, incurs minimal resource penalties, and is included in the purchase of the OS.

However, there are drawbacks to the built-in tools:

Without ZipEnable:

  • No browser compatibility checking. Without this feature, you risk sending compressed content to a browser incapable of decompression.
  • Limited configuration options.
  • No graphical interface for most controls.

With ZipEnable:

  • Verify browser compatibility in real time.
  • Quickly deploy HTTP compression with ZipEnable’s configuration wizard.
  • Granularly manage compression at the global, site, directory, and file levels – without writing a single line of code or editing the IIS metabase.

Global Compression Configuration

ZipEnable enables native HTTP/HTTPS compression on IIS 6.0 for both static (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Microsoft Office documents, text files and more) and dynamic (ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, JSP) files.

Modify Compression Schemes by File Type

Using Industry-standard Gzip and Deflatecompression schemes, ZipEnable modifies compressionschemes by file type. Ability to set level of compression (1-10) for each scheme and access to granular control of acceptable file extensions for compression.

Site level configuration

ZipEnable allows configuration of compression at directory and file levels for individual virtual servers (sites). ZipEnable’s tree view makes for easy navigation and configuration.

Persistent Overrides

ZipEnable’s powerful Persistent Overridesfeature allows you to keep global and site level compressionsettings in order.

Compression Exclusions

ZipEnable is able to control compression exclusions based on HTTP version, proxy usage, and type of request.

Gzip and Deflate Compression

Within ZipEnable user has ability to set priority of default Gzip and Deflate compression schemes. As well as, adjust other compression settings such as I/0 buffer size and minimum file size to compress limits.

Restore Default

Default settings roll-back option restores IIS 6.0 native compression settings upon ZipEnable uninstallation (roll-back to metabase settings prior to ZipEnable installation).

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