Do you noticed a drop in your Google Organic traffic from Thursday, 24th  Feb, The reason is that Google changed its search Algorithm. As per  Google Blog they have done  Google Algorithm change  which is currently implemented in US  . A change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries.

What will be the impact of this change?

As per Google the sites are with original content will get a boost in search traffic and those sites which are having less content and copy content from other sites will be having a Drop in there Organic Traffic.  Google also collecting Data from its Personal Blocklist Chrome extension by which they are analyzing the blocked sites .

This will be a just beginning of the death of many sites which gets Data from other sites.  I think the SEO industry which do all tricks to get high page ranks will be hit hard .

There is only one formula to stay alive , Thats bring fresh and original content.

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