The Community Edition of EnGarde Secure Linux was designed to support features suitable for individuals, students, security enthusiasts, and those wishing to evaluate the level of security and ease of management available in Guardian Digital enterprise products. Its development is very much driven by not only the requests from the community, but also their continued participation.

EnGarde Secure Linux is a server-oriented distribution that offers services like web, DNS, and the ability to email simply and securely without the need for laborious ‘hardening’ done by the user. It also provides integrated intrusion detection, advanced kernel and network security features, and graphical auditing and reporting, which can all be controlled through its simplified browser-based management system called Guardian Digital WebTool.

EnGarde Secure Linux is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete online presence, including DNS, Web, and e-mail services. EnGarde reduces the time and resources required to create a secure online presence.

Guardian Digital engineered EnGarde from the ground up to be secure. Comprised of a unique collection of Open Source tools coupled with the security expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde addresses the need for applications where security, reliability, and ease of management are necessary.

  • Simple & Secure Remote Management System
    The Guardian Digital WebTool abstracts the difficult process of configuring a secure system while easing system setup and administration. The WebTool offers the unique ability to monitor security activity quickly, build secure Web sites easily, and manage DNS and e-mail consistently. It ensures secure mail retrieval through the use of 128-bit encrypted IMAP and POP services as well as configures FTP access in minutes. Users have the ability to fine-tune system access, manage SSL and SSH keys, and configure fire walling and port forwarding. With built-in protection from unsolicited email, and support for the latest Web technologies, EnGarde ensures a secure Internet presence.
  • Significantly Reduces Support Costs
    EnGarde benefits from the merits of being an open source operating system. The advanced management and status monitoring capabilities provide a robust platform requiring very little maintenance. Legacy applications replaced with secure modern alternatives, significantly improving security. Benefits from the nature of being open source software, including compatibility with thousands of existing software packages.
  • Web Server
    EnGarde Secure Linux allows you to quickly create virtual webhosts, running as many sites as you need off of a single server. Whether your site needs scripting capabilities, a database backend, or Secure SSL capabilities, EnGarde can provide an easy setup and management platform.
  • Mail Server
    EnGarde provides powerful tools for creating and managing multiple email domains on a single server. It’s powerful open source email processing capabilities and built in secure IMAP and POP servers can handle even the heaviest of email processing needs.
  • Web Server and Email Aliasing
    Manage and organize corporate websites and email communications quickly and easily. EnGarde’s web server aliasing component allows administrators to create thousands of virtual websites to distinctly display and organize all business-critical information from a single IP address. EnGarde also gives the administrator the ability to add email server aliases, allowing the creation of thousands of virtual email domains and providing simplified management for collaborative office email communications.
  • Intrusion Detection System
    EnGarde Secure Linux includes a powerful network intrusion detection system that graphs incoming attacks in real time, enabling administrators to have a clear view of port scans and other attack attempts or precursors. The host intrusion detection system also ensures integrity of system files and prevents stealth penetrations of the system.
  • Firewall System
    A firewall is an essential part of any Internet presence, and EnGarde Secure Linux provides a secure foundation and powerful tools to build a high performance packet filtering firewall for any size network
  • Database Support
    The included database server provides a true multi-user, multi-threaded database server enabling users and applications to create robust interactive websites and powerful e-commerce storefronts.
  • Data Loss Protection
    Protect against disk failures using the Web-manageable tape backup support, including incremental ability to download archives to a local workstation. Protect against data loss with the integrated and versatile data backup and recovery solution.
  • Built-in Support & Alerts
    Receive instant notification of security events, proactive software updates, and download new products and features using the Guardian Digital Secure Network service. Significantly reduce support costs and protect your investment while being prepared for any possible security assault.
  • Comprehensive Auditing System
    Detailed system and access logs enable administrators to determine who is using the system and provide accountability for potentially unauthorized activity. Produce graphical reports on Web site hit usage on a regular basis. EnGarde Auditing System provides real-time log analysis, statistical and diagnostic information, and more.

The Community Edition is a dynamic, rapidly-evolving product that serves to exhibit the best-of-breed applications currently under development. Guardian Digital enterprise products provide greater levels of support, support for more advanced hardware, more sophisticated upgrade path, and features more suitable for enterprises, including support for our other enterprise applications.

  • Simple & Secure Remote Administration
  • Powerful Host Intrusion Detection
  • Secure Network Services
  • Built-in Support and Alerts
  • Robust Network Intrusion Detection
  • Quick and Secure Web, DNS email, FTP
  • Network Gateway Firewall
  • Monitor System Access
  • Protect Against Data Loss
  • Security Control Center
  • Engineered to be Secure
  • Significantly Reduces Support Costs

EnGarde Secure Linux provides a secure platform for all of your organization’s Internet facing systems. Designed from the ground up with security in mind, building your business on an EnGarde platform allows you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected from an array of threats.

What makes EnGarde so secure? We’re glad you asked

  • Secure By Default
    Other distributions may require extensive customization to ensure security, but EnGarde Secure Linux defaults to the most secure options in all areas. Secure shell access requires two-factor authentication using a key file and passphrase, all services install as disabled and are restrictable by IP address, and the default permissions are as conservative as possible.
  • State of the Art Security Policy
    EnGarde incorporates a strict SELinux security policy that restricts every application on the system to only the access required for proper operation. This effectively sandboxes each service, isolating security breaches and preventing privilege escalation by mitigating any unknown application flaws.
  • Easy Administration From Anywhere
    The Guardian Digital WebTool provides system administration functions accessed remotely using a secure web browser connection. Its powerful functions allow administrators to monitor the system, create virtual websites, and manage user accounts, email, DNS and more all using a simple web-based interface while maintaining a strong security posture.
  • Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t
    Many Linux distributions are packaged with everything up to and including the kitchen sink. After all, the software is open source, so the thinking is “Why not package anything any user might want to use?” The flaw in this reasoning is that any application can be vulnerable to a security breach. EnGarde Secure Linux focuses on being a secure server operating system, containing the software you want for the functionality you need and excluding the kitchen sink mentality that can lead to insecurity.
  • Layered Security
    EnGarde Secure Linux is based on a philosophy of layered security. Since no non-trivial software can be assured to be completely free of defects, EnGarde is built upon layered defenses that reinforce each other. The restrictively defined file and directory permissions, default application configurations designed by security experts, strict SELinux application policies, system file integrity checking, network intrusion detection capabilities, and powerful firewall combine to provide an out-of-the-box level of security unmatched in the Linux market.

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