Efforts to simplify privacy policies and controls have gained steam across a range of companies, including Google Inc., which began offering a new privacy dashboard last fall that helps users learn what the company knows about them.

As a result, today Facebook has come up with a new draft privacy policy in order to take some of the legalese out of a legal document. This policy shows clear segmentation with pretty pictures and a larger font size. The new policy is much more user friendly and tells you how to manage your data.

For example, the segment titled “How advertising works.” Not only does it explain that personalized ads can be delivered to you based on your location, age and interests, but it actually shows the tool used by advertisers to set their targeting preference and it even helps you out.

Moreover, the new draft privacy policy includes some practical headings like “Your information and how it is used,” and “how advertising works”

But there is still one problem, that is, there’s still no way to block others from naming you in pictures and posts on their profiles.

The new privacy policy is just the latest step by Facebook to address user and regulators’ concern about privacy.

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