Washington, Dec 2 : People use online social networks such as Facebook to express and communicate real personality, instead of an idealized virtual identity, says a new research.

Psychologist Sam Gosling at The University of Texas at Austin said: “I was surprised by the findings because the widely held assumption is that people are using their profiles to promote an enhanced impression of themselves.”

The expert added: “In fact, our findings suggest that online social networking profiles convey rather accurate images of the profile owners, either because people aren”t trying to look good or because they are trying and failing to pull it off.

“These findings suggest that online social networks are not so much about providing positive spin for the profile owners,” he adds, “but are instead just another medium for engaging in genuine social interactions, much like the telephone.”

To reach the conclusion, Gosling and a team of researchers collected 236 profiles of college-aged people from the United States (Facebook) and Germany (StudiVZ, SchuelerVZ). The researchers used questionnaires to assess the profile owners” actual personality characteristics as well as their ideal-personality traits (how they wished to be). The personality traits included: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.

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