Looking for network monitoring software? From Spiceworks easy-to-use interface you can:

  • Create & view alerts for Windows events
  • Monitor the health of your MS Exchange server
  • Monitor network bandwidth
  • Track disk space, software installs, anti-virus subscriptions, toner levels, offline servers & more

Monitor Everything on Your Network

Keep track of everything that’s happening on your network – from when a user installs a piece of software they shouldn’t have, to when your printer’s toner level gets low! Spiceworks lets you monitor and receive alerts on all the network happenings you care about most!

Create Custom Monitors in Seconds

Easily set monitors for anything you like – from how much disc space a device has left to whether or not a server is online. If Spiceworks collects info on it, you can monitor it!

The Alerts You Want When & Where You Want Them

Whether you need to see a chart or graph of your overall network state; a detailed alert specific to a single device; or would like to receive an email the next time a user downloads a specific application – it’s easy to get the alerts you want when you need them!

Monitor & Manage Email

From the message load on your Exchange server to the size of your users’ inboxes – Spiceworks provides a thorough overview that’ll keep you in step with your email health and usage. You can even monitor, add and edit Rackspace hosted email accounts right from Spiceworks!

Analyze Bandwidth Usage

Curious as to how much bandwidth a device or router has been using? Spiceworks lets you quickly access charts for all of your network interfaces – so you’ll know in a snap what’s consuming all your bandwidth!

See Windows Alerts Across Your Network

Set up and view alerts for Windows events that occur across your environment – so you can easily use Spiceworks to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that might disrupt your network performance.

Real-Time Windows Performance Monitoring

Get real-time performance monitoring of all of your Windows devices – from overall health to performance counters like disk and processor queue lengths.

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