Here comes a first initiative by a web Hosting Giant Go Daddy , enabled mod_pagespeed for Linux-based 4GH accounts. This will enable websites much faster and reduce bandwidth usage. The Google aims to makes the web faster by introducing mod_pagespeed couple of months back.

As part of our Make The Web Faster initiative, Google announced the availability of mod_pagespeed, an open-source module for Apache webservers to automatically accelerate the sites they serve.

You can enable it on your Go Daddy  hosting account through a .htaccess file. Here’s an example of the coding you can include in your .htaccess file to enable the Extend Cache function:

<IfModule pagespeed_module>
ModPagespeed on
ModPagespeedEnableFilters extend_cache

You can enable the following functions using the ModPagespeedEnableFilters directive:

Function pagespeed.conf Code
Extend Cache extend_cache
Collapse Whitespace collapse_whitespace
Combine CSS combine_css
Move CSS to HEAD move_css_to_head
Elide Attributes elide_atttributes
Remove Comments remove_comments

For more information about a mod_pagespeed function, click its link from the Function column.

Other Features of mod_pagespeed

You can also enable the following directives in the .htaccess file:

  • ModPagespeedDisallow <file pattern>
  • ModPagespeedAllow <file pattern>
  • ModPagespeedMapOriginDomain <IP> <hostname>
  • ModPagespeedMapRewriteDomain <target domain> <source domain>

For more information about using these directives, see Using mod_pagespeed.

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