Many site owners might have problems related to poor and bad back links from spam sites and porn sites and these links cannot be removed so easily because of less control over the third party sites from where you get such links. After many algorithmic change from Google, bad back link caused many site’s visibility has been solely affected. In this article i will explain how to check the back links for your site and how can you prevent traffic from such sites .

How can I assess the quality of a site’s backlinks?

To find  links to your site, you can perform a Google search using the link: operator. For instance, [] will list a selection of the web pages that have links pointing to the home page.

The second options is to check in the web master tools

  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want.
  • On the left-hand menu, click Traffic, and then click Links to Your Site.

 How can i remove a bad back link from third party site?

Make sure to identify poor links first, then make a strong effort to get them either removed or nofollowed. Then use the Disavow Links Tool to deal with remaining unnatural backlinks. You have to be very careful while using Disavow Links Tool

Matt Cutts video on What are common mistakes you see from people using the “disavow links” tool? 

Reconsideration requests for sites affected by a manual spam action are investigated by a Googler. you can expect a action normally within just a few days.

Reference used for this Article is Google Webmaster

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