The Google Docs home page has been given a new look and also they have added many new features which will be very useful to the end user. The keys to better organization of your spreadsheets, documents, presentations and even photos and videos are a group system called Collections and a filtering system that allows to be refined by type, visibility and sharing.

The new Features are :

  • Connectors in drawings
    Newly created lines can be connected to shapes and will stay connected when you move those shapes.
  • Insert photos from Picasa
    The insert image dialog in documents and drawings now lets you insert photos from your Picasa albums.
  • WMF upload
    We now support uploading WMF (Windows Metafile) files and converting them into Google drawings.
  • Hidden controls in documents and drawings
    You can now hide all controls and menu bars in documents, drawings and spreadsheets.
  • Compact controls in documents
    You can now hide the title bar to save screen space using compact controls.
  • Drag and drop file upload
    If you use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari you can now drag files from your desktop and drop them directly onto the upload page.
  • Mobile editing in Google Docs
    You can now edit text documents and create both text documents and spreadsheets on your mobile device.
  • LaTeX shortcuts in equations
    You can now quickly type equations in documents using LaTeX equation shortcuts.
  • Text replacements
    You can now substitute text automatically in documents. For example, ‘2/3’ automatically becoming ⅔.
  • New charts editor
    The chart editor in spreadsheets has been redesigned from the ground up with new chart types and more.
  • Image drag and drop
    If you use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari you can now drag images from your desktop and drop them directly into a document.
  • Improved revisions in documents
    Seeing the complete history of your document just got easier. You can now navigate between revisions and drill down to get more granular changes. Each editor’s changes are shown in that editor’s color.
  • More import options in spreadsheets
    You can now choose where your upload goes, preview the spreadsheet before import and more.
  • New fonts in documents
    We’ve added six new web fonts to documents: Droid Serif, Droid Sans, Calibri, Cambria, Consolas and Corsiva.
  • Selection and gridless printing in spreadsheets
    Customize your printouts with new printing options.
  • Real-time collaborative highlighting in documents
    You can now see when a collaborator highlights text.
  • In-cell dropdown and cell validation
    Create dropdown lists in individual cells using the data validation tool in Google spreadsheets.
  • Show all formulas
    Reveal all formulas in your spreadsheets with one click.
  • Spell checker in spreadsheets
    You can now check spelling in your spreadsheets using the tools menu.
  • More page sizes
    Executive (7.25” x 10.5”), statement (5.5” x 8.5”) and more are now available in Google documents.
  • Auto-linking in documents
    Now when you type something that documents recognizes as a link, it will become a link automatically.
  • A new curve tool in drawings
    Create smooth curves based on a series of points with this new tool.
  • Convert files in the document list
    You can now convert files in the document list to a Google Docs format at any time.
  • Add words to dictionary
    You can now add words to the documents dictionary.
  • Draggable rows and columns in document tables
    Change row heights and column width in tables using sliders.
  • Document translation
    You can now translate a document into any of the 53 Google Docs supported languages.
  • Improved page navigation in forms
    Use the page navigation feature to direct respondents to relevant pages on your form.
  • Search improvements
    Four new search operators (before:YYYY-MM-DD, type:document, and more) make it easier to find files in your documents list.
  • Google Docs Viewer available in mobile browsers
    View PDFs, .ppt, .doc and .docx files that you’ve uploaded to your documents list on your Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Format painter in spreadsheets
    You can now apply formatting or conditional formatting rules you’ve used on one set of cells to another separate set of cells using the Paint Format tool.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    You can now upload and convert PDF or image files to text.
  • New sharing interface
    We’ve streamlined the interface, added new visibility options, made access viewable at a glance, added resettable doc URLs and enabled bulk changes in the docs list.
  • A keyboard shortcut pop-up and more in drawings
    You can now view pop-up keyboard shortcut help, center drawings on the page, view thumbnails of drawings in the docs list, and search through all the text in your drawings.
  • Faster Google spreadsheets graduates
    The new Google spreadsheets is now the default for everyone. Columns can be dragged and dropped, the formula bar is editable, auto-complete speeds up data entry, and you can link directly to sheets.
  • New Google documents graduates
    All new documents are now created with the new version of documents by default. Take advantage of the new chat, character-by-character real time co-editing, sidebar comments and more.
  • Drawings in the template gallery
    Create a drawing from the templates in the gallery or share your favorite drawing with the world.
  • Formula highlighting
    Cell references and the corresponding cells are now highlighted to make it easier to keep track of your formulas.
  • Advanced sorting rules
    Sort a range of cells according to rules set for one column or across multiple columns.
  • New form themes
    Choose from 24 new themes which take advantage of the new Google Font API.
  • Comment scrolling in documents
    Whenever you click on a comment it will scroll so that it’s directly beside the associated text.
  • Copy sheet
    You can now copy sheets from one spreadsheet to another, separate spreadsheet.

And Many More

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