Google Instant, which the company unveiled Wednesday, is a fundamental shift: instead of search as an outcome, Google is trying to get people to think of search as a process in which you constantly refine your query without actually “searching,” or hitting the button to produce a concrete result.

With Instant Search, Google promises faster (and you thought how much more faster could it get!?) search results that start showing up as you type. The search button is made redundant because what you need has already appeared on the page by the time you finish typing!

Google adds that using the now outdated search techniques, an average user took over 9 seconds to enter a search term and adds that Instant can save almost 2 -5 seconds per search. While this does not look much, consider the large userbase Google has and calculate the time saved! Don’t bother. Google has already calculated it and has reached a mind boggling figure of more than 3.5 billion seconds a day. That’s 11 hours saved every second!

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