Google is sending out more than 100,000 invites to preview Google Wave. Recipients will be developers who participated in the developer preview the Internet  search giant launched in June, as well as people who signed up at a Web site to use the product and volunteer their feedback, and select customers of Google Apps. Google will also ask some of the early users to nominate invitees.

“Our goal in asking businesses and schools to help us test this early version of Google Wave was to learn more about how Wave can help different groups of people collaborate together in a wide variety of contexts,” said Google spokesperson Sara Jew-Lim. “We worked closely with the Google Apps team to identify Apps customers, many of whom volunteered to be testers on, and select a handful of organizations to represent a broad range of potential use cases.”

Google plans to continue inviting people to preview Wave over the next few months after the 100,000 figure is reached, Jew-Lim told TechNewsWorld.

In announcing the preview, Google admitted that Wave is not yet ready for prime time. “Since first unveiling the project back in May, we’ve focused almost exclusively on scalability, stability, speed and usability,” Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hannon wrote on theGoogle Blog. “Yet you will still experience the occasional downtime, a crash every now and then, part of the system being a bit sluggish and some of the user interface being, well, quirky.”

Key features of Google Wave have yet to be fully implemented, Rasmussen and Hannon wrote. For example, users cannot remove a participant from a wave or define groups of users; draft mode is still missing; and users can’t configure the permissions of users on a wave.

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