Fresh information from blogs, news sites,Twitter and other popular hangouts will appear in Google‘s search results more quickly as the company aims to give people a more comprehensive look at what’s happening on the Web.

The feature unveiled Monday represents Google Inc.‘s most significant step yet in the field of “real-time” search — a catch phrase for the torrent of information constantly being shared on blogs and the personal pages of social-networking sites such as Facebook,MySpace and Twitter.

As those destinations have turned into increasingly popular forums for swapping opinions, offering news tips and highlighting interesting stories, Google, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. all have been scrambling to retool their search engines so they reel in and showcasereal-time data more rapidly.

Google reached a deal in October to blend Twitter updates, or “tweets,” into its results, but hadn’t explained how its system would work until Monday.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has included a section for tweets since late October. Yahoo began relying on tweets to point out hot news stories in its results last month.

Twitter’s own search engine doesn’t attempt to identify which tweets are the most relevant to each request; it simply provides a chronological list of the updates containing a specified word or phrase.

In Google’s version of real-time search, a section of its main results page will include a capsule that automatically scrolls relevant information within a few seconds after it pops up in the Web index.

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