Hewlett-Packard Co unveiled an affordable videoconferencing product, looking to bridge the gap between high-end telepresence syst

ems and cheaper but lower-quality Internet offerings.

HP said its new $149 SkyRoom software will offer high-definition conferencing for up to four people over a normal business network.

Users can also share any application on their personal computer, including streaming video and graphically complex three-dimensional programmes.

“High fidelity, very rich, seeming like you’re in the next room, face-to-face with your colleagues,” said Jeff Wood, director of worldwide marketing for workstations at HP.

SkyRoom, which has no subscription fees, can be used on any PC and network that meet certain minimum standards for speed, power and memory. It will be included for free on some HP business PCs. It will be available for purchase via a download.

Source: infotech.indiatimes.com

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