Hotfix readme name: PSE450W2K3R06.HTML
Hotfix package name: PSE450W2K3R06.MSP
For: Computers running Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) with one of the following installed:

  • XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2
  • XenApp 5
  • Presentation Server 4.5 Feature Pack 1
  • Presentation Server 4.5
  • XenApp Fundamentals 2.0

Replaces: PSE450W2K3R01, PSE450W2K3R02, PSE450W2K3R03, PSE450W2K3R04, PSE450W2K3R05, PSE450R03W2K3069, PSE450R03W2K3070, PSE450R04W2K3031, PSE450R04W2K3032, PSE450R04W2K3033, PSE450R04W2K3034, PSE450R04W2K3035, PSE450R04W2K3036, PSE450R04W2K3037, PSE450R04W2K3038, PSE450R04W2K3039, PSE450R04W2K3040, PSE450R04W2K3041, PSE450R04W2K3043, PSE450R05W2K3002, PSE450R05W2K3003, PSE450R05W2K3004, PSE450R05W2K3005, PSE450R05W2K3007, PSE450R05W2K3008, PSE450R05W2K3009, PSE450R05W2K3010, PSE450R05W2K3011, PSE450R05W2K3012, PSE450R05W2K3013, PSE450R05W2K3014, PSE450R05W2K3015, PSE450R05W2K3016, PSE450R05W2K3017, PSE450R05W2K3018, PSE450R05W2K3019, PSE450R05W2K3020, PSE450R05W2K3021, PSE450R05W2K3022, PSE450R05W2K3024, PSE450R05W2K3025, PSE450R05W2K3026, PSE450R05W2K3027, PSE450R05W2K3029, PSE450R05W2K3030, PSE450R05W2K3031, PSE450R05W2K3035

Date: March, 2010

Language supported: English (US)

Readme version: 1.10

Readme Revision History

Version Date Change Description
1.10 June, 2010 Modified description of line item #226307; updated list of invalidated hotfixes
1.09 June, 2010 Updated list of invalidated hotfixes
1.08 May, 2010 Updated list of invalidated hotfixes
1.07 May, 2010 Added link to Knowledge Center article CTX125090
1.06 May, 2010 Updated list of invalidated hotfixes
1.05 April, 2010 Modified description of line item #213871
1.04 April, 2010 Updated list of invalidated hotfixes
1.03 April, 2010 Updated Prerequisites section
1.02 April, 2010 Updated list of replaced hotfixes
1.01 April, 2010 Modified Prerequisites section; description of line item #166266
1.00 March, 2010 Initial release


Hotfix rollup packs are cumulative; they contain both new fixes and fixes from replaced hotfixes and hotfix rollup packs. This readme file documents the fixes that are new in Hotfix Rollup Pack 6. For detailed information, see the following:

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