A NetScaler is usually deployed in front of a server farm and functions as atransparent TCP proxy between clients and servers, without requiring any client side configuration. This basic mode of operation is called Request Switching technology and is the core of NetScaler functionality. Request Switching enablesa NetScaler to multiplex and offload the TCP connections, maintain persistentconnections, and manage traffic at the request (application layer) level. This is possible because the NetScaler can separate the HTTP request from the TCPconnection on which the request is delivered.Depending on the configuration, a NetScaler may process the traffic before forwarding the request to a server. For example, if the client attempts to access asecure application on the server, the NetScaler might perform the necessary SSLprocessing before sending traffic to the server. To facilitate efficient and secure access to server resources, a NetScaler uses a set of  IP addresses collectively known as NetScaler-owned IP addresses.

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