Google Labs give you new feature in your gmail account for accessing the mail when you are not connected to Internet. This feature really works like your outlook or Microsoft outlook express. Its a cool feature from Google.

Gmail now goes where the Internet doesn’t. Offline Gmail allows you to access your inbox through your browser and use all of Gmail’s familiar features such as search, labels and conversation threading even when you don’t have Internet access. It’s perfect for flaky connections or those rare moments when you’re completely unplugged on airplanes, trains or at the North Pole.

How to configure Gmail Offline

Here we go, A step by step guide to configure your Gmail offline.

The first step is to login to your gmail account with your user id and password. On the right hand you can find settings option, just click on settings and go to offline option. You will get the following window.

g1Once you get the above window, just click on Enable offline email for this computer option. .You can also select the recent message range.Also specify the attachment size.

Important Notice – Once you have enabled this option on a particular desktop or Laptop, you will be able to access the offline mails only in that particular pc. You will not be able to access your mails offline in any other computer unless you configure the same options in that pc.

Once you have done the above settings as  shown in the following window.


Just click on Save settings, Once you have done this immediately you will get a popup as shown below.


Click Next to proceed.


Just click on I trust this site and click on allow button to proc cede .

g6On the next screen as shown above, it will give options for creating shortcuts. Just select the options and click on ok to proceed.Once you have clicked on ok button, you will get the Installation status window as shown below.


Once the Installation is finished Gmail will start sync the mails as shown below.


The sync will take time depends on the mails and also the internet connection speed. Once The sync is completed you will be able to see a green color mark on the right hand side as shown below.

g9Once you click on this mark, it will give you options for sync the mail and also Flanky connection mode.

Thats all, Now let see some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my email while offline?

To get to your mail when offline, simply open a browser and type “” into the URL bar or use the desktop shortcut.

What do the different colored icons mean?

Online and fully synchronized



Flaky connection mode
(speeds up your experience on a flaky/slow connection)

Green icons indicate that you are online. The checkmark shows that your account is fully synchronized; this icon will remain green and spin while your email is synchronizing between your computer and Gmail’s servers. The gray null sign indicates that you are offline. The blue arrow indicates that you are using flaky connection mode.

Gmail will automatically detect your connection status and show the appropriate symbol, and your experience switching between online and offline should be seamless and require no action on your part.

What is “Flaky connection mode?”

In flaky connection mode, you access the mail that’s stored locally on your computer, regardless of your connection status. This makes it much faster to read and send mail, which is nice when you’re on a slow or flaky connection. Your account will continue to sync in the background when it’s able to do so, with no disruption to your experience.

How do I disable offline access?

To turn off your offline access, go to the Offline section of Gmail Settings, and click Disable. This will disable offline access for your computer and delete the mail that you’ve previously downloaded. If you decide to enable offline access sometime in the future, you’ll download messages you’ve received since you last synced but won’t have to start from scratch.

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