Want To Revive Your Dead Chinese Phone?

As per the telecom ministry orders, on Dec 1 all the mobile phones without IMEI number or clones IMEI numbers has stopped ringing. Around 25 million numbers are blocked.

Indian government has given the orders to all mobile service providers to stop serving to subscribers using mobile without IMEI number from Dec 1. Mobile operators has inactivated the services from mid-night and those who failed to get genuine number till due day was running between different centers till late evening to reinstall the genuine number.

An IMEI is a unique 15-digit code that identifies each mobile phone. Each time a call is made, the telecommunications company uses the IMEI to identify the caller via a universal registry of phones. If a phone lacks an IMEI, the telecommunications company can still route the number to the destination, but it does not know which phone is making the call. Chinese-made shanzhai phones lack the all-important IMEI number.

The MobileStore is one of the chain of outlets which are enabling the GII program. One can call 6000 63 63 to locate the nearest outlet where your Chinese phone can get a new lease of life

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