In order to install Apache with SSL/TLS support is to configure and install the Apache 2 web server, and create a user and group named “apache”. The only difference to that process is to enable mod_ssl and mod_setenvif, which is required to provide compatibility with some versions of MS Internet Explorer, as follows

./configure \ --prefix=/usr/local/apache2 \ --with-mpm=prefork \ --enable-ssl \ --disable-charset-lite \ --disable-include \ --disable-env \ --enable-setenvif \ --disable-status \ --disable-autoindex \ --disable-asis \ --disable-cgi \ --disable-negotiation \ --disable-imap \ --disable-actions \ --disable-userdir \ --disable-alias \ --disable-so

After configuring, we can install Apache into the destination directory:

make su umask 022 make install chown -R root:sys /usr/local/apache2

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