To set up a NetScaler using the Configuration Utility, you need an administrative workstation or laptop on the same network as the NetScaler. If you prefer to connect the workstation directly to a NetScaler, use an Ethernet crossover cable.You also need version 1.4.2_04 or higher of the Java® runtime environment.

First-time configuration includes changing the NetScaler IP address, adding aMapped IP address, adding a default gateway, and changing the default administrator password. The Setup Wizard in the Configuration Utility can help you configure all these entities.A NetScaler is configured with a default IP address and associated netmask formanagement access.

The default IP is and the netmask is255.255.0.0. This default IP address is used whenever a user-configured value for a NetScaler’s IP address (NSIP) is absent. You need to specify at least one MIP when you configure a NetScaler for the first time. The NSIP and MIP need not belong to the same subnet.

To configure a NetScaler for the first time using Configuration Utility
1. Log on to the Configuration Utility as default administrator.
2. The Setup Wizard appears.
3. Follow the instructions to create an initial configuration.
4. When you are finished with the Setup Wizard, the Reboot pop up menu
5. Click Yes.

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