NetScaler GUI-based Configuration

To set up the appliance using the configuration utility, you will need an administrative workstation or laptop configured on the same network as the appliance. To run the configuration utility, you will also need Java RunTime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.2_04 or later.

To configure the NetScaler using the configuration utility

1. Connect the NetScaler to a management workstation or network.
2. Open a browser and type:
Note The NetScaler is preconfigured with the IP address

3. In User Name, type nsroot.
4. In Password, type nsroot.
5. In Start in, select Configuration, and then click Login.
6. In the Setup Wizard, click Next and follow the instructions in the wizard.
7. To confirm that the NetScaler is configured correctly, you can either ping the new NetScaler IP
address (NSIP) or use the new NSIP to open the configuration utility in a browser.

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