Once you have installed the VPN Server the next step is to configure and secure it from any outside attacks. The most important configuration is allowing the users and saving the log files for checking the user activities on the vpn server.

Once you had installed the vpn server , Then go to start and Administrative tools and click on Routing and Remote Access from the menu. You will get a window like shown below picture.


Just right click on the server name and click on the properties. You will get the following window.


On the General Tab just select only Remote access server option, uncheck all other options if selected.


On the Security Tab just select windows  authentication under Authentication provider and Windows Accounting under accounting provider as shown on the above screenshot.


On the IP Tab just click on static address pool, Later if you are using a DHCP server then you can select the DHCP option.


On the PPP Tab select all options as you can see on the above screenshot.


On the Logging Tab select all the events as you can see on the above screenshot. It will help you to get all your VPN informations like user access,time etc..

Now just expand IP Routing and right click static route and add a new route , if you are having a different ip segment in your local are network or you want to route all your vpn users to a remote network as shown in the below screen shot.


In the below screenshot you can see that we can define the location of the log file of your vpn server. To give a different location for storing your log files of the vpn server,just click on remote access logging and double click on local file as shown in the below screenshot.


Now that last and very important configuration , thats port configuration. Just click on ports , on the right hand side you can see pptp as well as other ports, we need to configure only PPTP ports. just right click on ports and go to properties, in the pop up window you can see PPTP , Just double click on PPTP, You will get a window as shown below. Just tick mark only remote connections inbound only options. thats all.


Thats all now you can make a vpn client and test your VPN Server……
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