To steps to set up a high availability environment, configure one NetScaler as primary and another as secondary. Perform the following tasks on each of the NetScalers:
• Add a node.
• Disable high availability monitoring for unused interfaces.

Adding a Node

A node is a logical representation of a peer NetScaler. It identifies the peer unit using a unique ID and its NSIP. A NetScaler uses these parameters to communicate with the peer and track its state. When you add a node, the primary and secondary units exchange heartbeat messages asynchronously. The node ID is an integer that must not be greater than 64.
To add a node using the configuration utility
1. In the navigation pane, expand System and click High Availability. The
High Availability page appears in the details pane.
2. Click the Nodes tab. The Nodes page appears in the details pane.
3. Click Add. The Add Node dialog box appears.
4. In the ID text box, type an ID, for example, 3.
5. In the IP Address text box, type an IP Address, for example,
6. Click Create. The node you created appears in the Nodes page.
To add a node using the NetScaler command line
At a NetScaler command prompt, type:
add HA node 3

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